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DATE: 2013-11-02
EVENT:  „Halloween SKILLZ JAM 2013“ at street dance studio SKILLZ!
PLACE:  Lukiskiu g. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania.
TIME: 4 p.m.

More info, contacts and a map:

Hip-hop, House, Popping, Bboying batlles 1vs1. No age limit! Just show us your skills :) Participant fee – 15 LTL (for each category), winner takes all in his category! Plus diplomas! Guests pay 15 LTL entrance fee.

Preselection: Battles 1vs1. 1 passage, 45 s. Duration. Judges will choose 16 best dancers in hip-hop, house, popping and bboying categories to enter main battles. If less than 16 dancers will take part in preselection, judges will choose 8 best dancers in each category.

Main battles: Battles 1vs1. 1 passage, 45 s. duration. In final battles – 2 passages for each dancer, 45 s. duration.

Hip-Hop – Ben Wichert (Germany, LegionX)
House – Kusch (Russia, Rise Crew)
Popping – Sonya (Latvia, Trash crew)
Bboying – Bboy Beetle (Russia, Zames crew)

All judges will judge in all categories, but the main judge of the category will have 2 votes (in total: 5 votes).

Early registration is necessary (Until 31 SEPT, 2013)! Please register here On the day of event, registrations will NOT be accepted.

More info about workshops later!


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