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STOPTIME Dance Studio
FIRST Ghetto Arena
 Ghetto Dance, together with FIRST Dača, makes a new international project - All Styles Showcase and Team Battles!

20.02.2016, 16.00

FIRST Dača (Andrejostas iela 2k-3)

----------------------FIRST Ghetto Arena----------------------

ShowCase Category - 500 Euros + Special Prizes
All Styles Team Battles (Show Preselection and Battles) - 1000 Euros + Special Prizes


- L'eto (What The Flock / Russia)
- Vovan (Island-Dance, Locking4life, Танцы на ТНТ / Russia)


Sergucci (Ghetto Dance Academy/Latvia)


1. Participants 
1.1 Showcase category - minimum 3 team members (stage size - 6x6m.) 
1.2 All Styles category - minimum 5, maximum 7 team members
1.3Teams can choose categories - you can participate in both categories (Showcase + All Styles) or only in one (Showcase). 
2. Categories 
2.1 Showcase - teams need to prepare their showcases on their own music (duration of mixtape - minimum 2:00, maximum 3:30)
Mix should be sent to till 18.02.2016
2.2 All Styles Battles - teams need to prepare show for preselection on their own music. On the battles teams will dance on different styles of music choosen by DJ - Hip-Hop, House, Funk, Electro-Funk and Breaks. Teams need to show team work and solo. 
3. Judging
3.1 Judges will judge all showcases and choose one winner in Showcase category (by choreography, skills, originality) and choose 8 teams for All Styles Battles 
3.2In All Styles Battles Judges will chose a winner by - Team WORK, originality and skills.

-------------------THE IMPORTANT INFO----------------

Participants FEE - 50 EUR per Crew
Audience - 4 EUR. 
Childrens under 12years old - FREE

Doors Open / Registration for Participants - 16:00 
Preselection (Showcase Category) - 17:00
Entry for spectators - 19:30 
Final Part (All Styles Battles) - 20:00


Registration on the EMAIL - - with Subject - ARENA REGISTRATION.
Please write:
1. Category - Showcase + All Styles OR Showcase 
2. Team Name and number of members
3. Country

Registration till 18.02.2016!

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